Background Edit

Yoichi has never been outside the mountain he trained at for the entirety of his 17 years alive. He has spent all that time learning swordsmanship from his father, befriending animals and avoiding traps his father himself sets up. He is sent to into the city to train his mental strength, for his swordmanship has become so great. The Ikaruga sisters are family friends of Yoichi's father and welcome his arrival. Yoichi realizes he has much to learn, but he maintains his Samari training by practing and teaching alongside Ibuki Ikaruga at her family dojo.


Yoichi often wears his samurai hakama wherever he is, making unmistakable in crowds and indentification. He also keeps a wooden sword fastened to his hakama's sash. 

He has worn other clothes though, like when he had gone on a "practice" date with Ibuki. He was forced to wear casual clothes and forego his sword. However, he appears to be handsome to other girls regardless of his clothing.

He has black hair that extends down to his neck, and he has similarly black eyes. 


Yoichi is a very blunt person, often getting to the heart of an otherwise confusing matter. This is most likely due to his lack of experience with other people besides his father. 

Yoichi is also a surprisingly respectful person, as he refers to nearly everyone (if not everyone) he meets with dono as an honorific. 

He is very righteous, often being very adhered to values modern people find naive and childish. However, he sticks to these very strongly and is often liked for such a quality.

He can be surprisingly humble, as he decided to inflict a twofold punishment upon himself. However, someone else mistook such a thing as showing off. 

Yoichi enjoys fighting and shows enthusiasm during conflict unless someone is acting in a dishonorable manner.  

Yoichi is very unacknowledged about various things in the everyday world due to his humble samurai upbringing in the wild this has caused him to act sometimes very odd in the eyes of others.  

Abilities Edit

Yoichi is an extremely skilled swordsman of the Ukiha Kamikaze Sword Style. With just a wooden sword, he is capable of severing many kinds of material. He also knows multiple special techniques of the Ukiha Kamikaze style. He can also use the wind as a factor when he fights, as the pure knockback of his sword's wind is immense. 

Yoichi's physical strength is immense, as he is able to knock back an ordinary person merely by swinging his sword yet not even touching them. He is also very agile and swift, allowing him to seemingly disappear and reappear somewhere else. 

Despite his strength, Yoichi has no experience with swimming. He cannot swim without a float.