Washizu was the most-feared, deliquent classmate of Ibkui Ikaruga's grade until Yoichi appeared in town. He naturally fights hand-to-hand combat using strength; however, he also visits the Ikaruga dojo for martial arts lessons in desperation to be with "the love of his life", Ibuki Ikaruga. He has short, blonde-yellow hair with brown side burns and is typically seen with dark, casual fashion. He has two piercings on his left ear that have small golden hoop earrings in them. He also appears to have a slight brown, scruffy gotee. He wants to maintain a tough ego, however he does reveal many emotions throughout the plot. Especially when related to Ibuki Ikaruga, his emotions go quite overboard. 

He is often referred to as "Wassan" by his side-kick, or rather his tag-a-long, Keita Torigaya. Keita is very observant and helps make up for Washizu's lack of intelligence. He was also Washizu's only friend until he began to open up.